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Sunday, October 11, 2009

In the news. Three individuals involved in the recent post-election protests in Iran were sentenced to death.

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Three Iranians have been tentatively sentenced to death in connection with post-election protest activities, according to semi-official state media.

Supporters of Iran's opposition set flaming barricades in the street during a protest in June.

The three -- who were identified only by initials -- were accused of contacts with opposition groups, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported Saturday.
The death sentences can be appealed, ISNA reported, quoting Bashiri Rad, director of public relations of the Tehran judiciary.
No other information was released about the three defendants or the charges they faced.
The Iranian government restricts the activity of journalists in
Iran, making it difficult for news organizations to independently obtain or confirm information.
Tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets in protest following the country's contested June 12 presidential election. Incumbent President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won a second term despite widespread fraud accusations by supporters of opposition candidates.

Dozens of protesters have been tried in the months since. Opposition presidential candidates Mehdi Karrubi and Mir Hossein Moussavi have alleged that those convicted were tortured into confessing, and that some defendants were raped in prison.
Reformist former President Mohammad Khatami condemned "the atrocities committed at certain detention centers, as well as those committed during arrests, which, in some cases, resulted in murder," according to a statement issued by his office in August.
The Iranian government initially denied such accusations. But state media reported in August that authorities had fired and arrested the chief of an Iranian jail that was closed amid allegations of mistreatment of detainees.

Hallelujah. This is what our country is missing out on. To hell with rights anyway considering they're not formally enshrined in the constitution. It'll save us all the trouble of those traffic jams and road blocks if you just euthanize these buggers.

R-E-S-T-E-K-P-A is Respect

K-Fatty -9:50 AM-

Friday, September 18, 2009

*This list is inexhaustible and open to changes.*

- Own a crazy sports car.

- Go skydiving.

- Do a striptease for a crowd of matured women.

- Party in Ibiza for a week during summer.

- Get a mansion only suitable for a drug kingpin or mafia boss.

- Get the lady i can live with and not one i'd wanna kill.

- Start a fight in a pub full of Royal Marines. (If you're interested perhaps we can embark on this in a group)

- Commit a crime.

- Appear on TV and the tabloids.

- Stalk and get stalked by the mythical bigfoot, yeti, orang pendek, yowie, mawas puaka, Nessie, chupacabra, Jersey Devil, Michigan Dogman, Thunder birds, orang minyak, bunyip, pontianak and any creature that fits into cyptozoology.

- Fight in a war.

- Perform charity work for any NGO.

- Join Greenpeace and ram a ship into any Japanese whaling vessels.

- Contribute towards the development of the Malaysian legal system.

- Defend an evil person in court.

- Moon a thousand people from the top of a building.

To Be Added . . .

R-E-S-T-E-K-P-A is Respect

K-Fatty -2:46 AM-

Monday, September 7, 2009

So i was on a local forum browsing around when i came upon a thread. The thread starter asked for opinions, when he's impliedly wanting solutions, on what to do when faced with a situation where your girlfriend has a bad habit of complaining about every single thing.

Of course every advice the forummers gave was the simple 'accomodate' her kinda thing. Here's my exact advice posted on the thread . . .
Tell her this . . .

Such a simple and effective advice. Yet it landed me a 3 day ban from the forum. Oh and the same moderator removed my forum signature which was a picture of a black man being chased by a hippo. What the fuck's wrong with that ? Oh and the moderator's a woman . . . Fucking tease . . .
Oh well epic win !! LOLOLOLOLOL

R-E-S-T-E-K-P-A is Respect

K-Fatty -10:22 PM-

Monday, August 24, 2009

Did you know that Americans have a retarded tendency to give things their literal meaning ?

1. White House - Yeah true. With exception to Obama, everyone else in there is WHITE. And has been until Obama dealt a combo breaker.

2. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - It was all over the news when FEMA failed to provide essential care and necessities to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Katrina landed in New Orleans which is a city with an African American majority. They claimed poor planning and coordination with their ground elements and the National Guard. Do you actually believe that coming from a country that can run a 9 year war and still keeping their troops well equipped and supplied? Or is it not surprising that this country once practiced a feudal form of apartheid. So isn't it only right that their actual designation be Fuck Everybody Mostly Africans ? Yeap i like that.

3. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - It was reported that the CIA secretly funded drug cartels in South America to prolong the so called drug war for the sake of profits earned by American industries dealing with weapons. And that how the drugs ended up on streets all over America, was because they allowed them to. Cocaine In America anyone ?

4. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - Ever thought how they failed to find Osama ? C'mon he's a 6ft Arab with a turban on dialysis. How hard can that be ? Just find the shaggy dude going around with a bag and a beeping sound. But noooo he's elusive and he's hiding in Pakistan. Yeah rite. . . Then how can the DC shooters be located in a matter of days ? Or how any African American dude can be found and arrested immediately for buying a gun off the street ? Man , they love Fucking Black Individuals.

Yeap, racism is very much alive and strong. And it's gonna stay that way because everyone get a good laugh out of it. Well only if you're not the one being oppressed.

But personally, i think racism nowadays has become more of a joke. People don't take it seriously anymore because there is just no need to make a big deal outta skin colour. Heck if you're oversensitive then perhaps. Other than that, who gives a damn. Call me a mugblood or chinky eyed tourist and i would just laugh at that. Coz' stereotypes are funny.

R-E-S-T-E-K-P-A is Respect

K-Fatty -1:01 PM-

Sunday, August 23, 2009

In this time and age, there is need to be strong.

The world ain't in the feudals ages anymore but it looks like it's heading that way. War, famine, unrest, crime and hardship. All this requires the strength within to wade through it.

Are you strong ?

Strong enough to rise?

Strong enough to endure?

Strong enough to go against the odds

Strong enough to love?

Strong enough to challenge yourself ?

Or are you . . .


R-E-S-T-E-K-P-A is Respect

K-Fatty -8:35 PM-

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Death . . . .

Is it possible, that if a person dies with so much rage, his/her spirit will live on in this empyrean?

Would the amount of rage, hatred, anticipation, hope, despair and vengence culminate itself into a strong energy that can be felt by the living ?

Can those feelings of the dead be so powerful that it can take over the body of a living person ?

Will the feelings and visions of the dead be felt and seen by the living ?

Can faith offer us and the dead salvation ?

Well, it's something i'd wanna find out. Get your hands on the latest Ultramarine novel, The Killing Ground by Graham McNeil.

R-E-S-T-E-K-P-A is Respect

K-Fatty -11:51 AM-

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So some people have been asking, and also instigating, what would be my back up plan just in case things don't work out this time. I'm one to think of the myriad of possibilities and options open to me.

I was looking around and finally came upon something i think i could fall back on just in case i don't make it for my re-sits this time. Then again i have this feeling i'm gonna make it.

Here's plan B :

Actually i wouldn't mind switching to plan B at all . . .

R-E-S-T-E-K-P-A is Respect

K-Fatty -8:08 PM-

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It's called a b-boy. A creation of its own thoughts and experience. B-boying just ain't another fancy dance. It's life. Now do i sound like Gandhi to you?

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